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Last year saw increased job growth over 2016 figures in Tucson, AZ, according to the Arizona Office of Employment Opportunity.  Initially, the office estimated job growth in non-farm professions for 2017 at around 1,900 jobs, but that number has since been amended to reflect much greater growth, with roughly 3,600 more workers in the Tucson area added to previous estimates.  Professional and business services witnessed the greatest growth with the creation of approximately 2,500 new jobs.

This is excellent news for the financial and accounting industries.  A growing job market denotes a wealth of available work, calling for increased hiring to manage clientele and provide superior services.  Of course, finding the right people to elevate your business and attract new clients is easier said than done.  The last thing you want is high turnover when you’ve got work coming out your ears.

This is where finance recruitment agencies can provide a helping hand.  You’ll find that finance recruitment professionals are committed to providing the individual attention required to secure the ideal fit for your distinct needs, and they have the networks and the tenacity to bring in ideal candidates for essential positions.  Why should you partner with finance and accounting headhunters to fill in gaps in executive staffing at your Tucson, AZ firm?  Here are a few things to consider.

Why Use an Accounting Headhunter?

The main benefit inherent to partnering with finance and accounting recruiters is increasing your odds of discovering the best person for the job in an expedient manner.  Can you sift through hundreds or thousands of online applications, wasting your precious time weeding out unqualified candidates and narrowing your pool of applicants to a handful that might actually fit the bill?  Yes, but there is a more desirable alternative.

Finance recruitment agencies get to know your company, your culture, and your hiring needs to best serve your interests, delivering only the most qualified candidates for your consideration.  You want serious recruits that will not only fit the position you’re offering but become a valuable member of your team and stay on for an extended period of time.

The wrong hires can impact morale, damage client relationships, and result in a speedy turnover.  Accounting recruiters minimize these risks by seeking out qualified candidates on your behalf and screening them before you ever schedule an interview.

Cost-Effective Recruiting Services

The cost of hiring your new recruits can be high.  Consider the amount of time you or your staff will have to devote to going through stacks of applications in search of the handful of candidates who might actually fit your list of requirements and serve as a suitable addition to your team.  Then you’ll have to conduct interviews to gain further insight before choosing the perfect candidate.

In this fast-paced job market, the time needed to narrow the playing field and pick the right person could result in your ideal candidate taking another job offer long before your process is complete, leaving you to start over or settle for a lesser candidate.  Then there’s the cost of investing in a new employee only to realize your hire is not a good fit when he/she quits or gets fired.

The upfront cost of utilizing accounting headhunters may be off-putting, but when you consider all the time, money, and headaches you stand to avoid when your partner in recruitment supplies the perfect candidate the first time around, you’ll see that you actually stand to gain by teaming up with a reputable and experienced finance recruitment specialist.

Finding an Expert Headhunter in Tucson, AZ

Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of partnering with recruitment professionals, you need to know how to pick the best recruiting firm for your needs.  You’ll want an agency/headhunter that specializes in finance and accounting recruitment, for starters, and one with a track record proven to successfully connect companies and candidates.

The right recruiter will take steps to learn everything about your company, rather than just taking a job listing and running with it.  Understanding your mission, your ideals, and your company culture are all imperative to finding not only the best possible candidate for the position you’re offering but for your business as a whole.

You also want someone who sells you.  Recruitment is not a one-way street, and often, recruiters interact with already-employed individuals who are looking for something new.  To nab the best candidates, you need a cheerleader capable of making your company attractive to the most desirable recruits.

As a bonus, working with a discrete recruitment agency protects you from the negative reputation associated with poaching – you’re just hiring the candidates your recruiter delivers.  There can be tremendous benefits realized by partnering with a suitable finance or accounting executive recruiter to fulfill your hiring needs, so long as you find the right fit for your company.


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