How to Motivate a Sales Team: It Starts With Good Leadership

January 6, 2020
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January 6, 2020 Recruiterie

Often, the first person your client speaks to is a representative from your sales team. Their first impression on if they will buy the product or service you’re selling relies on that first meeting. That vital interaction is why it’s key to keep in mind the kind of leadership you need when recruiting a sales manager.

Your new sales manager will be that shining example for the rest of your sales team to follow. In order to keep that great work up, though, a sales team manager needs to know how to motivate a sales team in a way that lasts for the long term.

To know who is the best fit to lead your sales team, it’s important to know strategies to motivate a sales team. You can have a better idea of what to look for in interviews. You can even build in points about motivation in your list of sales manager interview questions.

Learn How to Motivate a Sales Team With These Simple Strategies

Reward Your Sales Team

  • Every so often, buy your team lunch or bring something homemade.
    • This allows for a bonding moment between your team and yourself. It also motivates someone to come into work that day, knowing that delicious lunch is waiting for them. By bringing something homemade, this can let you save money while still giving a reward. A bonus with this is that your team can learn more about you, which makes for a tighter bond at work. Feeling like you know your manager can make it easier to talk to them about anything.
  • Make the success public.
    • Give out a reward acknowledging your hardest working team member. This can be by having an ’employee of the month’ title, or through other methods. It is key, however, to make that acknowledgment public. That acknowledgment can come in the form of a group email celebrating their win, or it can be in your morning meeting.
    • In a study done by the American Psychology Association (APA), half of the employees that don’t feel acknowledged at work are looking to work elsewhere. However, the 93% that said they felt valued said they wanted to do their best at work.

Remember Company Culture

  • Make your mission and vision clear.
    • If your team doesn’t know what the mission is for the company, they won’t be able to act on it. Keep it fresh in their minds by discussing it in organic ways. If the team is motivated by their mission, then they’re motivated to keep that mission true.
  • Tie your values to activities.
    • It helps to tie back something you and your team are doing together back to the company values. This can come in the form of having a team outing outside of the office that represents a company’s value. This helps pull the team together as well as gives them something memorable to recall when thinking of their company’s values.

Keep Track of Team Wins

Setting up a team goal is a great way to motivate your sales team. It makes it clear what is expected of them, and also makes it feel like each member has a way to contribute to that goal.

  • Make goals for the team and for the individual.
    • These goals can be daily, monthly, or even annually, depending on what you want to achieve. It’s important to keep those goals memorable, though, so tying this with another strategy can help these goals stick.
  • Make your goals visual.
    • It can be a great way to motivate a sales team to have a visual form of their goals in the office. This can take a lot of forms, such as listing those goals on a whiteboard or even making a collage on a wall.
    • With the idea of a collage, you can add some flavor to your office for clients to see when they come in. Plus, it can also be a teambuilding activity that motivates the team to want to achieve those goals they visually put together themselves.

Finding That Unique Candidate to Motivate a Sales Team

When looking for someone to lead your sales team, these are just a few suggestions of what to look for regarding leadership and motivation. Your team is unique, so the leadership that motivates them is going to be just as unique. At The Recruiterie, we value each recruiting partnership and take the time to learn what makes your company identity stand out. We use this philosophy in recruiting the best fit for you.

The Recruiterie also offers a customizable recruitment process as one of our services. With this, you have full control over the executive search The Recruiterie provides, ensuring the candidate you receive is the right one.

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