Many cities have struggled to encourage economic growth the past couple decades, and there are even many examples of cities that may have boomed with retirees or business – but minimum wage type jobs that don’t bring the level of prosperity that city planners and politicians would hope. The good news for current and future residents of Phoenix is that this capital city of Arizona is not one of those struggling cities. This growing metropolis is a place that is very friendly to business and offers plenty of opportunities, which you can see by taking a look at this list of 12 of the biggest employers in Phoenix.

Why Phoenix Thrives

Phoenix thrives for an array of reasons. One is the strong demand for white collar and management jobs, as well as good paying government jobs with benefits, which offers a variety of high paying jobs requiring a wide array of degrees and skills. This encourages recent college graduates to stay as well as attracts other skilled and educated workers from around the country.

Add in Arizona State University in neighboring city Tempe, and you have the ideal situation for keeping a large skilled workforce – one that needs talented and reliable management, as well! This is especially true for young managers who understand how to meet the needs of different generations from Baby Boomers to Millennials.  If you need a recruiter to help your company find the right leadership talent, contact the Recruiterie.

This is part of the reason many of the biggest employers in Phoenix are spread across so many very different niches or sectors.

A Thriving Financial Sector

Chart showing Arizona Financial job growth statisticsOne thing that jumps out about Phoenix is an industry that is known for being rife with management opportunities and a constant need for talented leaders and hard workers willing to learn and advance: finance. Not only is one of the largest credit card companies in the United States a major employer here (American Express), but many of the largest banks in the entire country have major offices here.

WellsFargo, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase are all very active in the community hiring at every level for a wide variety of jobs in the financial sector, and a constant source of management opportunity at every level for ambitious and skilled workers.

The 4 Largest Financial Sector Employers

  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • WellsFargo
  • JP Morgan Chase

Strong Healthcare Sector

Phoenix has had a strong healthcare sector for a long time, and the strong economic and cultural center in this area continues to attract retirees or snowbirds during the winter months in northern states, meaning the demand for healthcare is only going to continue to grow. In fact, among private employers in the city of Phoenix proper, Banner Health is the largest.

Everything from direct care to processing insurance plans to many higher-level functions and managing bureaucracy, there are opportunities available among all four of the major employers in healthcare. There are also many other supporting businesses that function to take care of an important niche part of the healthcare industry for these larger providers. The point is healthcare jobs in Phoenix are great and there are opportunities abound!

The 4 Largest Healthcare Sector Employers

  • Banner Health
  • Dignity Health
  • United Health Group
  • Mayo Clinic

Phoenix Area Healthcare professional taking pulse

Sturdy Public Service & Developing Infrastructure Work

No one should be surprised that since Phoenix is the capital, and Arizona as a whole is very urban-focused population wise, that the public sector is a major employer. Whether the City of Phoenix or the State of Arizona, running a city and state government requires a lot of support staff and capable management in place that stays around even as elected and appointed positions come and go.

Add in extremely innovative companies like Amazon or Honeywell, and there are many great employers that offer any worker a true cornucopia of options.

The 4 Largest Other Local Employers

  • Honeywell
  • City of Phoenix
  • State of Arizona
  • Amazon

Phoenix is a city of growth, and this isn’t just about more service industry jobs for new retirees or holding on with low-level call centers – these are just some of the largest employers in the city that already show the incredible diversity of available jobs from various employers. This doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to a thriving technology sector (GoDaddy has multiple centers in this area, for example) or the strong small business and entrepreneur culture that is also in Phoenix.

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