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As one of the most established Dallas recruiting agencies, we have a track record in getting results for organizations looking to recruit new executives!

As a long-standing executive search and recruiting firm in Dallas, Recruiterie understands the unique jobs market here and how challenging it can be to find the perfect executive candidate. Our experience sets us apart from the competition and will allow us to give you the competitive edge in finding your perfect new recruit.

We know that all businesses and organizations are unique, so we adopt a customized approach to recruiting for your business. During the process we will be guided by what is most important to us, and we believe is important to our clients too:

  1. We will take our time to learn about your business’s culture and vision. We know that finding a candidate that is aligned with your organization’s values give us the best chance for success.
  2. We will use our expertise and experience to create a customized profile for your prospective recruit. This will be informed by information from you as well as the qualifications and experience required for the role.
  3. We will contact any potential candidate to work out if they are a fit for your organization. We identify and recruit candidates for you and they will go through our own vetting processes to ensure that they are a match for your organization.
  4. Building relationships with our clients and the candidates we recruit is very important to us. We will check in with you and your new candidate once they have had chance to bed into your business. Fostering these relationships will give us unique insights into how we can further adapt our processes to your organization’s requirements moving forward.

The time and care we take to get to know you and your organization makes us the ideal choice for your executive search in Dallas

Grow your business with the most talented executives in today's market
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    Recruitment Services we Offer in Dallas

    We take great pride in being one of the top headhunters and executive recruiting firms in Dallas. We are specialists in recruiting senior positions such as executive and C-suite roles. We concentrate on the quality of the candidates we recommend as opposed to the quantity of resumes we send you. Only well-matched and well-suited candidates will be recommended to you.

    We help our clients in many ways such as:

    Profile & Job Description Building

    We take all the stress out of writing job descriptions and candidates. By working with you to understand exactly what you require for your role and the specific type of candidate you’re looking for, we will create a full profile for your ideal recruit. Our many years of experience means we know exactly how to create the perfect job description.

    Executive Search and Headhunting

    Our experience as a headhunter in Dallas gives us the perfect skillset to bring the best new executives to your organization. We have had great success headhunting executives in Dallas – even where the ideal candidate was not actively seeking to change employment. We will find what you are looking for!

    The Recruitment Process

    All prospective candidates are contacted by Recruiterie and vetted. Once we have compiled a shortlist of candidates, we will then send it over you before considering anyone for interview and assessments.

    The Areas and Positions We Recruit for in Dallas

    Recruiterie is a specialist recruiting firm in Dallas, focusing on a range of job types and industries.

    We recruit primarily in the legal, hr, finance, accounting, and nonprofit sectors in Dallas. We have a large network of contacts throughout Dallas in these areas which gives us the edge over other recruiting companies.

    We are an executive recruiter in Dallas – we deal with clients who are looking to recruit senior positions including, but not limited C-suite roles.

    What our customers in Dallas say about us


    Recruiterie has a lot of experience working with clients in Dallas Texas over the last 20 years. We have built relationships with many people and organizations over this time, giving us an unrivalled network to draw on during the recruitment process. We are the Dallas Headhunters that you are looking for!

    Contact Recruiterie today to learn more about how we can help you find the best candidates to help you grow!

    Grow your business with the most talented executives in today's market
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      (please only submit this form if you are a company looking to hire someone - if you are a candidate seeking a role, please send your resume here)


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