Nonprofit Recruiters With A Unique Approach

Not all nonprofit organizations are the same. Because of this, we shape our relationship with each client differently.

Recruiterie has been working closely with nonprofit organizations for several years, and we understand many of the limitations nonprofit organizations experience when trying to attract qualified candidates in today’s marketplace. We offer a high-touch service delivery, helping guide our nonprofit clients through the hiring process, which enables them to compete with larger for-profit organizations as well.

Here’s the 360-degree approach we take toward nonprofit recruitment during our executive search process:

  • Learn – We take the time to understand your needs, culture, purpose, and goals to facilitate candidate alignment.
  • Connect – We develop deep partnerships with stakeholders to understand the connection points to ensure strong working relationships at all levels well into the future.
  • Analyze – Our proven comprehensive screening process goes beyond functional evaluation and digs deeper for assessment of personality, purpose, and cultural alignment.
  • Deliver – Our exhaustive search will deliver to you only those candidates who meet your functional needs, but will be culturally-aligned, growth-minded, and ensure a strong connection with the hiring manager and team.
  • Decide – As an extension of your team we support you fully throughout the recruiting process, communicating feedback to candidates, assisting with contract negotiations, and ensuring your new hire is ready for his/her first day.

Expert Nonprofit Recruiter

As a nonprofit recruiter, we understand the role we play in talent acquisition and identifying the right nonprofit professionals for a wide range of nonprofit companies. In today’s ultra-competitive market, our search committee is often the best source for acquiring qualified talent quickly and within budget.

We understand the importance of matching the right person with the right organization and take the time to get to know both the client and the candidate to make sure it’s a good fit.

We are experts in the field of nonprofit recruiting and have a deep understanding of nonprofits. We know what kind of candidates nonprofit organizations are looking for and can help you find the perfect match for your organization.

Types of Nonprofit Recruiting Searches

Recruiterie specializes in all types of searches for nonprofit organizations.

Executive Leadership

CEO, CFO, COO, CDO, CMO, CHRO, Executive Director, VP, Interim Executive Leadership


COO, Operations Manager, VP, Facilities Coordinator, Project Manager, Office Manager


CDO, VP, Development Director


CFO, Finance Director, VP


VP, Program Director, Program or Project Manager


CHRO, VP, HR Director, HR Manager


CMO, VP, Marketing Director, Public Relations Manager, Communications Manager

Other Leadership Roles and Mission Critical Positions

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    Why Choose Recruiterie As Your Nonprofit Recruiter?

    We bring decades of experience working with nonprofits to our recruiting practice. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that nonprofit organizations face, and we are experts in finding top talent to meet those challenges.

    We have a proven track record of success in nonprofit recruiting and have helped organizations of all sizes find the right employees to take their organizations to the next level.

    We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients, and our nonprofit recruiters work with you to understand your specific needs and goals. We then use our expertise and resources to find the best candidates for your organization.

    If you are looking for a nonprofit recruiter to help you find the best candidates for your organization, contact the Recruiterie team today.

    Nonprofit Recruiters

    The Recruiterie Difference




    At Recruiterie, we specialize in nonprofit recruiting — that is, providing customized and specialized support for nonprofit organizations. We understand the nonprofit world, we know the best questions to ask to determine candidate fluency and fit, and we know where to find the top players for leadership and specialized support positions. Most importantly, we understand the budget constraints for nonprofits and have developed a program model specifically tailored to support those needs.

    Nonprofit Recruiting Challenges

    Recruiterie’s approach towards nonprofit search is made different by addressing the unique recruiting challenges for these specialized organizations.

    The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic caused many nonprofit organizations to delay hiring for leadership positions for 12 months or more. Once society and operations became a bit more functional, nonprofits soon realized they needed strong leadership to support their mission and drive their organizations more than ever. This has created additional competition, in what is already, a very competitive employment marketplace.

    Employers are also discovering the frustration with how the hiring temperature has changed. Candidates have become much more demanding in terms of salary expectations, benefits, and most importantly, working from home. Employers are finding they are having to make adjustments in their total compensation package to attract the right types of individuals in order to secure talented nonprofit professionals.

    Additional common challenges to talent acquisition include:

    • A limited budget – Compared to for-profit organizations, a nonprofit tends to have a smaller budget, limiting the organization’s internal recruiting efforts.
    • Finding the perfect candidate – A nonprofit needs to hire someone passionate about the organization’s mission. Overall, a top priority of a nonprofit’s talent search is finding skilled candidates who align with the organization’s culture.
    • No formal staffing procedure – While 51% of nonprofits expect an increase in their staff, most organizations lack a formal structure for recruiting new talent.
    • High staff turnover – The average tenure for nonprofit employees is only 3.6 years.
    • Lack of succession planning – Because of high staff turnover and the continuous hiring process, nonprofits often lack succession planning for important roles within their organization.
    • Wide skills gap – The skills gap is prevalent in the nonprofit sector because the industry is constantly changing and nonprofits often lack the resources to provide proper training for their employees.
    • Diversity hiring – Nonprofits are struggling to find and retain a diverse workforce. To effectively address these challenges, nonprofits need to look for a staffing partner that specializes in recruiting within this area.

    Recruiterie is your partner to surmount all these challenges. We have a long history of supporting nonprofits with their staffing needs and have a team of specialists dedicated to this area. We understand your unique position and can provide support tailored to your organizational requirements — from succession planning to entry-level recruiting and everything in between.

    Nonprofit Recruiting Case Study: Senior Developer

    Our client is a national organization that partners with nonprofits across the country, helping them grow, providing much-needed infrastructure, funding, resources, and support. They recently partnered with our client in Phoenix, Arizona whose primary focus is to help children who are visually impaired.

    Learn how our client found that the lowest-priced candidate was actually the best long-term fit in this nonprofit recruiting case study.


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