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Whether you need to address a critical hire, fill a key leadership position, or find talent to fuel your next wave of growth, the recruitment professionals at Recruiterie are your expert advisors for targeting and sourcing qualified candidates. Together, our team has been helping organizations find the right people for over 22 years. Our experience and expertise give us a deep understanding in a variety of industries, allowing us to quickly identify the best talent in competitive markets.

Recruiterie takes a personalized approach to executive searches. Our experienced team works closely with organizations of all sizes to pair them with professional individuals who match their values and culture, helping create meaningful partnerships that last for years. 

We don’t simply look at resumes. We get to know our candidates on a deeper level in order to uncover what truly makes them the right fit.

Our Customized Approach

Our job search approach involves:

  • Uncovering exceptional industry leaders through executive search 
  • Attracting exceptional candidates through proactive recruitment of mid-level professionals
  • Discovering preferred talent through recruitment and selection of direct-hire candidates

At Recruiterie, we specialize in mid-level recruitment services, senior-level recruitment services, and executive-level recruitment services (Director level to C-Suite). Our experienced team works closely with growing organizations that display strong internal cultures to create meaningful partnerships through offline and online recruitment strategies. 

We believe the resume only reflects a portion of a candidate’s story, which is why our search process involves reaching out proactively to top candidates and then conducting in-depth conversations with them. This proactive screening process helps us understand where candidates are in their career and what they are most interested in moving forward.

Recruiterie takes pride in removing the stress and workload involved in navigating today’s complex hiring landscape for you and your team. We can often give you access to individuals who are otherwise not even available through online recruiting. Our search firm works with organizations across all 50 states, typically completing the recruitment process within 8 to 10 weeks from start to placement.

Professionals in Executive Recruiting Services

Our executive recruiters are experts in their field with a comprehensive knowledge of the latest trends and practices in the recruiting industry. They work closely with you, listening carefully to your company’s needs and providing candid feedback that can help you build an even better team. You will find that we fully understand many of the limitations organizations face when trying to attract top talent in today’s competitive employment marketplace.

Simply put, we hear you. We know that you are frustrated with how much competition there is for talent. We understand that you are challenged by how increasingly demanding candidate’s expectations have risen around salary expectations, benefits, and (now more than ever) working from home. Through it all, though, we will help you recruit online and adjust your total compensation package to attract the right individuals.

We also actively listen to the candidates. That’s why we work closely with them and vet them from a professional, personal, cultural, and financial standpoint before submitting resumes to our clients. This proactive screening process helps us to enter initial interviews more efficiently, reducing time spent filling critical leadership positions.

Experts In Nonprofit Recruiting Services

Today, nonprofits face unique challenges when recruiting for key leadership roles. With the pandemic putting a halt to many hiring processes, non-profits have had to delay their search for the right executive leadership. This has led to increased competition in the employment marketplace. On top of that, non-profits often have restrictions in terms of the resources they can devote to the recruitment process, making it difficult to compete with larger, for-profit organizations.

At Recruiterie, we also specialize in non-profit recruiting services. With over seven years of experience working closely with non-profit organizations, we understand the unique hurdles they experience when trying to attract qualified candidates who can make a lasting impact in their organization. 

Our process starts with a thorough telephone screening of the candidates, followed by an interview assessing both personal and professional experiences. Throughout the recruitment journey, our team continuously provides ongoing senior executive support. 

We understand that nonprofits serve the mission and causes, rather than bottom lines. Therefore, we also appreciate that nonprofits have different executive requirements. You can rest assured that we are able to meet your unique demands effectively because we are committed to helping non-profits find the executive leadership they need to drive their organization’s success.

Custom-Tailored Solutions & Strategies

Recruiterie specializes in helping organizations of all sizes and industries find the perfect executive leaders. Our experienced team works closely with companies to uncover what truly makes individuals special, going beyond what is on their resumes. We take a proactive approach when researching the talent marketplace and only reach out to the candidates who appear most qualified for a role.

  • Executive Search: Recruiting and interviewing senior-level executives for your organization using our proactive screening process to vet candidates prior to sending you a resume. Regardless of whether the economy is in a downturn or a state of growth, strong leadership to guide your organization’s success will make all the difference.


At Recruiterie, we aim to streamline the recruitment process by taking the lead and identifying, sourcing, managing, and arranging hiring opportunities for our clients, leading to increased productivity and a lower cost per hire.


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