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Recruiterie is a highly experienced Chicago recruiter and headhunter. We have a track record in acquiring the best executive talent for your organization.

Recruiting agencies in Chicago can find it very tough finding new talent in this highly dynamic and competitive city when it comes to recruitment. Recruiterie is well established with a wide network of contacts in Chicago which makes us the perfect choice when looking for you next executive hire.

Every organization has its own values and culture. We know this and this is why we approach each recruitment in an individually customized way whilst also sticking to our core values, which are:

  1. Taking the time to learn as much as we can about your organization’s direction and its culture. Finding a candidate that fits in seamlessly with your business’s values is a key factor in successfully recruiting for a role.
  2. Creating a customized profile of your ideal recruit. Using our wealth of experience and our expertise as a Chicago recruiting firm. This profile will be created using information we collect from you and will allow us to target the correct candidates with the relevant qualifications and experience.
  3. Contacting candidates and assessing whether they are a good fit for your organization through our vetting procedures.
  4. Building relationships with businesses who work with us is extremely important to us. We will be in touch with your business and the candidate once they have had time to settle into their new position. During this contact, we will use any feedback to adapt how we could potentially fine-tune our processes for your organization’s recruitment in the future.

The amount of time and care we take during the recruitment processes sets us apart from other executive recruiters in Chicago.

Grow your business with the most talented executives in today's market
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    Recruitment Services we Offer in Chicago

    As a recruiting agency in Chicago, we headhunt and find the best executive talent for your business here. Our wealth of experience in recruiting C-suite level roles and other senior positions means we know the job market in Chicago and we know how and where to find talent. We concentrate on pinpointing the very best candidates as opposed to spending time just getting a large list of resumes.

    Some of the ways we help our clients:

    Profile & Job Description Building

    We get to know you, your organization, and its values in order to give us all the information we need to build a profile of your ideal candidate. We will then build a job description around that profile which will allow us to headhunt and recruit new candidates. Our experience in writing the perfect job description is second-to-none.

    Executive Search and Headhunting

    We are an executive recruiter in Chicago and we specialise in headhunting for top-level jobs, including C-suite roles. Our experience has given us the know-how of where to find new talent and how best to secure it to fill your vacant positions. We have a wide network to draw on to enable us to find your candidate wherever they may be.

    The Recruitment Process

    We vet all new candidates ourselves – and we deal with the recruiting process. Once our shortlist of potential recruits has been out together, it will be sent over to you before we start the interviewing and assessment process.

    Our Areas of Expertise in Chicago

    We are specialist recruiters for executive talent in the following areas in Chicago: Financial, Legal, HR and Non-profit.

    We recruit primarily in these areas and the vast majority of roles we recruit are senior positions.

    As an executive search firm in Chicago, we can help you find your next CEO or any C level role you are hoping to fill.  Given our focus is only on top-level senior positions, you can be sure that we have the experience and the know-how to recruit your new executive.


    Recruiterie has a lot of experience working with clients in Chicago throughout the last 20 years. The relationships that we have built with organizations and candidate have given us the competitive edge when coming to find your new executives. We are the Chicago Head hunters that you are looking for!

    Contact Recruiterie today to learn more about how we can help you find the best candidates to help you grow!

    Grow your business with the most talented executives in today's market
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      (please only submit this form if you are a company looking to hire someone - if you are a candidate seeking a role, please send your resume here)


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