As your hiring needs continue to evolve – so should your recruiting partner.
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A Unique Approach To Every Client

With our vast experience in recruitment, sales, management, and marketing across a variety of industries and businesses, it has been our experience that no business or candidate is ever the same. Because of this, we shape our relationship with each client differently.

  • Learn – we take the time to understand your needs, culture, purpose, goals to facilitate candidate alignment
  • Connect – we develop deep partnerships with stakeholders to understand the connection points to ensure strong working relationships at all levels well into the future
  • Analyze – our proven comprehensive screening process goes beyond functional evaluation and digs deeper for assessment of personality, purpose and cultural alignment
  • Deliver – our exhaustive search will deliver to you only those candidates who meet your functional needs, but will be culturally-aligned, growth-minded and ensure a strong connection with the hiring manager and team
  • Decide – as an extension of your team we support you fully throughout the recruiting process, communicating feedback to candidates, assisting with contract negotiations, and ensuring your new hire is ready for his/her first day.
  • Management

  • Sales

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

  • Non-Profit

  • Administrative

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Custom Search

Listen to the interview:

In May of 2018, Recruiterie Founder, Jon Schneider, shared his insights on effective recruiting practices to attract the right cultural fit for small start-ups to large corporate companies on Business for Breakfast, a radio program on Money Radio 1510AM & 105.3FM in the Phoenix area. Listen to the interview hosted by Ken Morgan & Mark Asher by clicking play on the adjacent video.


We specialize in executive recruitment services of high-quality candidates at mid-level, senior-level and executive management jobs. Screening, negotiation and contract preparation services are available.
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We have a specialized process for staffing leadership roles for your non-profit organization. With years of experience in the industry, we know the best questions to ask and where the top players are to be found.
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We love to think outside the box! If you have a unique hiring scenario and need help to custom-tailor the process or approach - we are happy to create something which works specifically for you.
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Grow Your Business With The Right Talent

At The Recruiterie we believe that the biggest driver of success in your business strategy is having the right people in the right roles. That doesn’t mean simply finding qualified candidates and hoping they work out. It means defining the purpose of your organization, performing an exhaustive search for the best candidates who align with the core of your business, culture and goals and ensuring they are more than just a good fit – but THE perfect candidate for the job, for your company and for the success of your business.

Whether you’re a small to medium-sized business struggling to recruit top performers, or you’re managing a large corporate team with limited time and resources, the team at The Recruiterie can help. We focus on providing professional, culturally-aligned candidates to our diverse group of clients from coast to coast.

Perhaps you’re unsure of where to start and what your hiring needs truly are? Or, you’re looking to scale or supplement your recruitment process with external support on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis?

We can help answer some of those questions, and handle the full lifecycle of recruiting for you. Let’s start with a one on one conversation so we can recommend the appropriate process for your unique hiring objectives.

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“Our company worked with Recruiterie to fill two positions earlier this year. Jon quickly helped fill two very competitive roles we were having difficulty with in our Sales and IT departments. He not only took time to understand our business but dug into our culture to help ensure the best fit. Jon’s versatility, results, and focus on service definitely set him apart from many recruiting resources we’ve seen.”

RickVP of Sales - Los Angeles, CA

“We were looking to hire a new Digital Manager and though we spoke with some of the large employment agencies we decided to go with Jon from Recruiterie for numerous reasons. First, he took the time to come to our office and interview us to get a feel for not only the what the position entailed but also to try to understand our company culture to make sure he found not only a skilled person for us, but also someone who would fit in. Second, Jon really pre-screened candidates; I have had other agencies in the past that did little more than looking at resumes before sending a candidate to us for interviewing so Jon’s approach was a huge time and stress saver for us. Last, but not least, he sent us amazing candidates. All of the candidates he sent had similar skill sets but they varied in their personalities, allowing us to choose the one we felt would be the right fit and we got a winner! All I can say is the next time we need to fill a position there is no doubt in my mind who we will contact.”

Hannah Director of Operations - Phoenix, AZ

“As a small business owner, I haven’t always used an outside recruiting source. Jon was able to uncover exactly what type of individual we needed for our Accounting Manager position. From there, he worked with me to offer a custom payment model which helped me and my budget.

I pay close attention to those joining my team. I have built a strong company culture and everyone I add can influence that. Jon made sure he fully understood who we are, our team dynamic, and the unique expectations we had for our new Accounting Manager role. I’m happy to say Jon was able to identify the right individual quite quickly, and she is a great addition to our team!”

ScottFounder/President - Scottsdale, AZ

When our non-profit recently had a need to hire a senior-level Developer for our growing technology team, we partnered with Jon Schneider at the Recruiterie.

We appreciate the way he worked with our limited budget, establishing a flat rate for the search which we could budget for. This allowed us to focus on hiring the right individual, without it influencing our search fee.

In the end, the Recruiterie presented several candidates, and the one we selected came in significantly under our original budget, saving us money for years to come.

GreggVP of Technology, Phoenix, AZ