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Recruiterie has been hailed the best executive search and recruitment firm in the US since 2017. At Recruiterie, our executive search consultants have decades of experience finding the right leadership talent to help organizations across a variety of industries.

We work hand in hand with our clients to recruit highly qualified leadership professionals that are the right cultural fit to your organization. With a custom-tailored approach to recruitment, we aim to understand you, your business and culture, along with the experience and qualifications you need to grow your organization.

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Recruiting Services

Every organization is different and that means every team has different needs.

Our executive recruiters approach every role differently. Not only do we seek out the most qualified candidates for you, but we look for and consider attributes beyond those on a resumé. Before we recommend any candidates, we take the time to uncover all aspects of their profile to make sure they’re culturally aligned with your organization’s values, qualified for the role and are the right fit for your team. We aren’t called the best executive search and recruitment firm in the US for nothing.

Professional Search

We specialize in the recruitment of candidates at mid-level, senior-level, and executive leadership levels. Our executive recruiters uncover the personalities and philosophies of leaders, to better identify candidates and connect them with your organization. We recruit top executive talent for a variety of industries, across all 50 states. We conduct thorough searches and bring only the best candidates for our clients.


Instead of waiting for the perfect candidate to apply to a job ad, our headhunters are proactively canvassing the market and looking for the best candidates available. Our headhunting approach involves understanding you, your organization, and the profile of the candidate you need.

C-Suite Recruitment

Effective organizations need strategic leadership. Hiring the right people in the C-Suite has huge benefits for businesses of all sizes. But finding the right C-level talent isn’t easy. Our recruiters and head hunters then begin uncovering potential candidates who are both highly qualified and culturally aligned with your organization’s vision and values.

Areas of Expertise

Our team of executive recruiters are specialized in recruiting the best candidates across the country.

We have years of experience in placing candidates in executive leadership, Human Resources, nonprofit leadership, and Finance positions.


We work with nonprofit organizations across the country to help identify and hire the right talent.
We understand the necessary connection between candidates and your mission.
When searching for your next Executive Director or Head of Development, partner with a recruiting team that understands how critical these hires are to your nonprofit organization.


We specialize in helping organizations of all sizes attract and engage the right senior leadership talent. We understand that the C-Suite means everything to your business and we work with you to build a profile of the high-level candidate you need.


Our vast Finance recruiting experience enables us to partner with you on your Finance Directors/VP, Controllers, CFOs, and other Financial leadership roles. We work with our clients to understand their needs, vision, and values and find qualified talent you can trust.

Human Resources

We have spent the past two decades building strong Human Resources teams across the country and this experience has proven to us that no two organizations are the same. Our HR search service is custom-tailored to each organization. We spend as much time getting to know you, your culture, and your values as we do in headhunting and identifying the right professional for your HR leadership position.

Our Holistic Approach to the Candidate

We are a dedicated team of executive recruiters with the experience to identify top talent in today’s marketplace. 

Our team will provide you with the support and expertise needed to find the right candidate(s) for your organization’s needs.

– We take the time to learn about your company and ideally what you are looking for in a candidate.

– We fully vet candidates from a professional, personality, cultural, and financial standpoint prior to our clients even receiving a resumé.

– We only deliver qualified candidates that meet your organizational standards and positional expectations, expediting your interview and hiring process.

So, Why Recruiterie?

We have been called the best executive search and recruitment firm in the US for a reason.

We take a people-centric approach when it comes to recruiting. Our team focuses on finding leaders that are the right fit for your business and culture.

We believe in people and relationships. We take a people-centric approach when it comes to recruiting. Our team focuses on finding leaders that are the right fit for your business and culture.

Our executive recruiters work closely to understand what you are looking for in the ideal candidate and what success looks like in their new position. We conduct in-depth conversations with all candidates to understanding where they are at in their careers, and what they are most interested in moving forward. This proactive screening process gains insights for our clients as they lead into the initial interview with candidates, thus building efficiencies in the interview and selection process, and reducing their time to fill critical leadership positions.

*We estimate the average leadership search to be completed within 8 to 10 weeks.*



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