8 Benefits of Hiring a Recruiter For Staffing Needs

June 30, 2020
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June 30, 2020 Recruiterie

8 Benefits of Hiring a Recruiter For Staffing Needs

Businesses involve so many moving parts that hiring may seem like an overly-time-consuming process.

Perhaps you’re considering hiring a recruiter to seek out candidates for you.

Eight professionals share their experience and describe the benefits of using a recruiter to conduct the hiring process below.


Set Yourself Up for Success

Hiring a recruiter for staffing needs allows a business to set itself up for success in the recruiting process. Recruiters base their work off of professional research and use customized strategies in order to find the best fit for each client. A recruiter has the time and resources to ensure that the employee being hired is truly the perfect fit. What you invest in a recruiter will benefit your business tenfold for years down the line.

Jon Schneider, Recruiterie


Immense Time Saver

Most of my team’s time was focused on the execution of projects and client relationship management. We did not have time to review resumes and conduct phone screens. I used a recruiter to handle this process and present me with the most qualified candidates to bring onsite for interviews. This was an immense time saver and stress relief!

Gabi Donchez, Associate Director of Marketing


Find Exactly Who You Want

Hiring a recruiter allows for a business to find exactly who they want. It eases the stress and hassle on the business to find the person with all of the experience and qualities that are needed for the job. Recruiters working on your behalf open the pool of talent because they have access to a larger group of people and can truly find the best talent to run your company. 

Brett Farmiloe, Staffing Agency SEO


They Bring the Best Value to Dollars

When it comes to filling our vacancies, recruiters are our best partners for bringing the best value for our dollars. They can convince the best candidates to sign with us, especially for top talent. In addition, they have a wider reach for professionals that make our applicant search much more fruitful in the process.

Michael Hammelburger, The Bottom Line Group


Finds the Right Talent

We definitely use recruiters to find good talent and intend to use staffing agencies to find good employees in the future. While we do have an HR team and dedicated HR manager, we also have a large workforce, and using a recruiter allows our HR team to best serve our valued existing employees, without having to expend time sifting through resumes and conducting initial interviews. Finding the right applicants for a given position or industry is all recruiters do, and the firm we use is particularly good at spotting talent for us. We unequivocally endorse the use of personnel recruiters.

Marc J. Strohl, Protax Consulting


A Fresh Set of Eyes

The benefits of working with a professional recruiter are many, and for me, the main benefit is the value of an outside perspective. As we go about managing and leading our businesses, we often (unintentionally) develop blind-spots when it comes to recruiting and staffing. Having a recruiter’s fresh set of eyes can create opportunities to more effectively grow and stretch the team, leading to more team diversity, and achievement of organizational goals!

Niki Ramirez, HR Answers


Opens up More Options

The benefit of using a recruiter is being able to access their database of contacts – which could allow you more options when filling an important role. The other benefit is you are using somebody who will take time to really go through applications professionally, and are trained to spot bad applications. Recruiters are able to put much more time into this process than you would be, especially if you are a busy business, with your focus stretched over a multitude of projects currently being completed.

Ethan Taub, Creditry


They’re Ready to Fill the Positions

Recruiters or recruitment agencies usually have a pool of qualified and experienced candidates who are ready to fill the position you have. This means that you may even get a better-qualified candidate than you would have gotten yourself. Your recruitment process is also faster and more qualitative as recruiters are better trained than you at identifying talent. Lastly, recruiters have a reputation to uphold so they’ll do their best to provide the best candidates and more so, candidates that won’t leave the job soon after starting.

John Linden, Mirror Coop


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