A Unique Approach To Executive Search

With our vast experience in executive recruitment across a variety of industries, it has been our experience that no business or candidate is ever the same. Because of this, we shape our relationship with each client differently.

  • Learn – we take the time to understand your needs, culture, purpose, goals to facilitate candidate alignment
  • Connect – we develop deep partnerships with stakeholders to understand the connection points to ensure strong working relationships at all levels well into the future
  • Analyze – our proven comprehensive screening process goes beyond functional evaluation and digs deeper for assessment of personality, purpose and cultural alignment
  • Deliver – our exhaustive search will deliver to you only those candidates who meet your functional needs, but will be culturally-aligned, growth-minded and ensure a strong connection with the hiring manager and team
  • Decide – as an extension of your team we support you fully throughout the recruiting process, communicating feedback to candidates, assisting with contract negotiations, and ensuring your new hire is ready for his/her first day.

Types of Executive Search:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • President

  • Chief Operations Officer (COO)

  • Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

  • VP of Operations

  • VP of Human Resources

  • VP of Sales

  • General Manager

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Executive Search Case Study

Our client is a nationally-recognized network of plastic surgery clinics across the country, specializing in weight loss solutions for their customers. Currently operating 40+ surgery clinics, the Chief Operating Officer needed additional support on the Executive team.  They created a new position – Vice President of Field Operations to work alongside the COO and the rest of the leadership team, keeping a focus on the field operations and driving continued revenue growth.

c level executive recruiters

C-Level Executive Recruiters

Executive Search Services

  • Expedite the hiring process to find the top executives who match your needs.

  • Best candidate assessments across experience, leadership, and potential.

  • Top executives to meet your business needs

Recruiting top executives for your organization is one of the most important activities you’ll undertake. Executive searches can be national or international in scope to find the best candidate for each role and require strong relationship building skills to engage, incentivize and motivate these individuals. Our expertise and longevity in C-Level recruiting and executive management positions us to assist with sourcing, vetting, salary and contract negotiations. Our ultimate goal is to help you hire the top-level management that will drive your bottom line results and fuel your company’s growth.

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VP of Finance Interview Questions

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“We were looking to hire a new Digital Executive and though we spoke with some of the large employment agencies we decided to go with Jon from Recruiterie for numerous reasons. First, he took the time to come to our office and interview us to get a feel for not only the what the position entailed but also to try to understand our company culture to make sure he found not only a skilled person for us, but also someone who would fit in. Second, Jon really pre-screened candidates; I have had other agencies in the past that did little more than looking at resumes before sending a candidate to us for interviewing so Jon’s approach was a huge time and stress saver for us. Last, but not least, he sent us amazing candidates. All of the candidates he sent had similar skill sets but they varied in their personalities, allowing us to choose the one we felt would be the right fit and we got a winner! All I can say is the next time we need to fill a position there is no doubt in my mind who we will contact.”

HannahDirector of Operations - Phoenix, AZ

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