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November 18, 2019
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November 18, 2019 Recruiterie

When you have to hire a new employee, you know that the interview process if often the most important part. It is where you get to meet your candidates, and get a feel of who they are. An unstructured interview process can throw off the whole hiring process. Potentially leading to the wrong hire being brought on. In order to avoid this, we advise coming up with a set interview structure. This involves coming up with your questions for candidates beforehand.

To help you prepare, below we’ve included our favorite accounting manager interview questions.

Accounting Manager Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

Describe your management and accounting experience.

A fairly basic question, but one you need an answer for. Your new accounting manager should have at least five years experience in accounting as well as some managerial experience.

What has been the biggest mistake you have made, or that was made under your leadership? How did you handle it? Was it resolved?

Everyone makes mistakes, and in accounting these makes are extremely easy to make if you are not careful. A candidate who cannot answer honestly in this scenario, is not one you want. You also want to see how they problem solve. Look for ownership of mistakes, and effective steps taken to resolve those mistakes.

Tell us about a major change that you have made within an accounting department.

Sometimes effective accounting means instituting change. Which is often a hard concept for accountants to come to grips with. Your new accounting manager should be familiar, and fine with, instituting change. The perfect candidate might also have ideas of how to best change your accounting department already!

Have you ever had a major ethical dilemma as an accountant? How did you handle it?

Dirty accounting is something that we all would like to think doesn’t exist, but sadly, it does. Accountants will often face ethical dilemmas in their jobs. You want an accountant with ethical reasoning, and one who has made the right decision before.

What role do you think accounting managers play in companies? What role would you like to play?

This question will allow you to see your candidate’s understanding of your company coming in. An accounting managers role at a large firm might be different than the accounting manager of a small business. Your ideal candidate should know the difference, and want to work in your work environment.

What accounting software do you prefer? Why?

Your new manager should have a solid understanding of accounting softwares, and should have a preferred software. To me, expertise in accounting means you have a preferred way of doing this, and are able to articulate why it should be done that way.

The interview is one of the most important steps of the hiring process. Use these questions in your next accounting manager interview, and set yourself up for success!

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