Should You Use Multiple Recruiters to Increase Your Chances of Finding the Right Candidate?

October 7, 2019 Recruiterie

This seems like a no-brainer, right? Obviously, spreading a wider net seems like the solution to finding the needle in the haystack. The problem here is that you’re not looking for a shiny needle among a pile of hay – you’re looking for a special needle in a pile of needles.finding the right one in a pile of many needles

A thousand people searching might not be the right strategy. Are these people qualified to find the needle you want? Will they give it the same level of importance and care you would? Are they looking for other needles at the same time, splitting their attention? Wouldn’t you rather use a trusted and experienced specialist that is committed to finding you the one needle you’re looking for?

Seeking qualified job candidates can often seem like a crapshoot, and this is an understandably unnerving position for business owners and hiring managers to find themselves in. Employees are an investment. It takes time and money to find qualified candidates, hire and train them, and integrate them into the existing team. You want to be sure that the person you choose will be a good fit, do the job well, and show a return on investment over time.

One of the best ways to go about finding the right candidates for open job positions in your company is to partner with a reputable and results-driven recruiter. Of course, you might be tempted to work with several to improve your odds of finding the right candidate, but there is a fallacy in this logic.

Finding more candidates doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of finding the right one. This is why it’s so important to work with the right executive recruiter, one that has the skill, commitment, and track record to deliver your perfect candidate on a platter. Here are just a few reasons why using one recruiter, instead of many, could be your best strategy.

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Grappling with the Concept of Exclusivity

The word “exclusive” can denote a certain level of favor, which is always desirable, but it also has a connotation of limit, and this can scare business owners who want to keep their options open. However, there are several benefits to be gained by using an exclusive recruiter.

For one thing, it really cuts down on the amount of work a business owner or hiring manager has to do, insomuch as he/she only has to communicate with and review candidates submitted by one recruiter, instead of dozens. At that point, you may as well perform a standard hiring process, because the workload is roughly the same.

More importantly, however, you’ll have the full attention and commitment of an exclusive recruiter because this professional knows that you’re going to hire one of the candidates he/she delivers. If you work with multiple recruiters, there’s a good chance you may not choose their best candidate. This could not only motivate them to split their time between you and other clients, but also to submit candidates to multiple clients at once in the hope of getting a nibble.

You want a recruiter that’s devoted to finding the perfect candidate for your company and your available position, and you definitely don’t want the best candidates submitted to your competitors. An exclusive recruiter can also keep your activities confidential, which is essential if you’re trying to lure top-level employees from competitors, for example.

Of course, having an exclusive recruiter can also make you more appealing to candidates. What if your top pick is approached by multiple recruiters for the same job? It could make your company look desperate and cause the candidate to shy away. You might also receive multiple submissions from the same candidate via different recruiters, which is a waste of time and resources. In short, there are plenty of benefits to be gained through exclusivity.

Building a Strong Relationship With Your Recruiter

Suppose there are a dozen different coffee shops in your area. You can certainly try them all, but there’s a good chance you’ll find one you prefer and start going there exclusively. In time, the employees will get to know you. They’ll learn your order and make it when they see you walk in the door. They’ll call you by name, greet you warmly, and make you feel at home. You’ll build a trusting and fulfilling relationship.

The same is true of using an exclusive recruiter. Over time, your recruiter will get to know your company, it’s values and ideals, and learn what you’re looking for in a suitable job candidate, including hard and soft skills and even a particular attitude or disposition. You’ll create a partnership that results in greater chances for successful recruiting and long-term results.

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Setting a Goal and Creating a Plan

An exclusive recruiter sees clients as a long-term investment and takes steps to nurture a strong and durable relationship. This includes ongoing goal-setting. Naturally, your goal is to hire the best candidate for a given position, but you also need someone who will fit your company, mesh with a team, and become a part of helping your company grow and succeed.

A long-term, exclusive partner in recruiting can work with you on setting immediate and long-term goals and creating a plan to meet them by finding and hiring the right people. This professional can learn about your company and lend expertise to the process of setting and accomplishing goals through targeted recruiting strategies. You need a recruiter that understands you, and this can only be accomplished through the time and commitment associated with an exclusive, long-term relationship.

Achieving Targeted Results

Once a recruiter gets to know your company, your values, and your goals, you’ll begin to see the targeted results you seek, rather than a mountain of candidates that are unqualified in some way. In other words, your recruiter will stop delivering a stack of needles and find the exact needle you want faster and more efficiently.

More isn’t always better. Sometimes it’s just more. If you want the best opportunity to get the right candidate for the job every time, your best bet is to partner with an exclusive recruiter that understands your company and is committed to helping you achieve targeted results. If you are looking to hire, learn more about how we can help you.

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