11 Virtual Recognition Ideas To Surprise & Delight Employees

March 11, 2022
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March 11, 2022 Recruiterie

Employees appreciate recognition from their bosses. Managers, employers, and business owners, however, can sometimes struggle with ideas for how to recognize employees in a way that is meaningful, memorable, and sincere.

If you’re looking for ways to show your appreciation for your team’s hard work, here are 11 virtual recognition ideas to get you started. From fun awards to heartfelt thank-yous, these ideas will help you acknowledge the accomplishments of your team in a way that they’ll appreciate.

Why Employee Recognition Is Essential in Pandemic Times

Employee recognition is essential for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it motivates employees to continue working hard and giving their best. Recognition also builds team morale and strengthens relationships among coworkers. Additionally, positive recognition can help attract new talent to your business and retain top talent.

With the current pandemic situation, it’s more important than ever to maintain employee morale. Remote work can be isolating, and employees may feel disconnected from their team or company. Employee recognition can help combat these feelings and remind employees that they are valued and appreciated.

With so many benefits to employee recognition, it’s no wonder that virtual teams are turning to creative ways to show appreciation for their employees. Here are 11 employee recognition ideas for virtual teams and in-person teams that will help you celebrate their successes.

6 Employee Recognition Ideas for Managers of In-Person Teams

Acknowledging your employees’ efforts goes a long way in helping them feel happier and more productive while at work. Here are some ideas:

1. Give verbal praise.

Praise your employees in person and give them specific feedback on their work. Thank them for their efforts and let them know that you appreciate their contribution to the team.

2. Send a handwritten note.

A handwritten note is a personal way to show your appreciation. It can be sent in the mail or electronically, and it should be specific to and personalized for the individual employee.

3. Give an award.

Award your employees for their accomplishments. This could be a physical award or an electronic badge that they can display on their LinkedIn profile or website.

4. Post a thank-you message on social media.

Thank your employee for their contribution to the team on social media. This will help others see the great work your employee is doing and may encourage them to contribute as well.

5. Send a gift card or flowers.

Send your employee a gift card or flowers to show your appreciation. This gesture will let them know that you went out of your way to show your appreciation.

6. Have a private 1:1 session.

Take some time to chat with your employee privately. This will give you an opportunity to thank them personally and let them know how much their work means to you.

5 Ideas for Rewarding Remote Employees Who Go Above and Beyond

In addition to recognizing employees for their accomplishments, it’s important to also reward them for their hard work. Rewarding remote employees can be a bit tricky, as you don’t want to undermine the work-from-home policy or create an incentive for employees to work from home. However, there are a few virtual incentives ideas to reward employees without breaking the rules.

1. Give them a shout-out in a company-wide email.

If an employee has done exceptional work, take the time to acknowledge them in a company-wide email. This will let them know that their work is appreciated by everyone in the company.

2. Send them a personalized gift card.

A gift card is a great way to show your appreciation and let the employee choose their own reward. You could send one to an online store, or even give them a gift card for a coffee shop or restaurant near their home.

3. Let them take a break from work.

If the employee has been working extra hard, consider giving them a short break from work. This could be a few hours, a half-day, or even a full day. This will give them a chance to relax and recharge, and it will show them that their hard work is appreciated.

4. Give them an extra paid day off.

If the employee has reached a major milestone or completed a big project, consider giving them an extra paid day off. This will allow them to take some time for themselves and celebrate their achievement.

5. Send them a special treat.

If you want to show your appreciation in a more personal way, send the employee a special treat. This could be something like a basket filled with their favorite snacks or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

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