9 Hiring Tips For Nonprofit Organizations

June 5, 2020
June 5, 2020 Recruiterie

9 Hiring Tips For Nonprofit Organizations In The New Normal


With the current state of the world, many businesses are facing mass layoffs. However, some organizations are doing quite the opposite–they’re hiring.

We asked nine industry experts, “What are your hiring tips for nonprofits looking to find talented employees during the new normal?”

Their answers might surprise you.


Broaden Your Scope

Having helped non-profits with their recruiting firsthand, I encourage them to look at candidates from outside the non-profit industry.  It helps to broaden your scope of the “ideal candidate” and be open to hearing about people’s transferable skills, even if they have never directly worked for a non-profit. Their experience may just be exactly what you’re looking for. Lastly, if you do not hire a candidate, try to offer them alternative employment opportunities that you know of. Appreciate the fact that someone took the time to interview for your business. 

Jon Schneider, Recruiterie


Find Out What Your Candidates Are Researching

Social media is a powerful tool; one that can be used for little to no cost. Find out where your candidates are researching you and focus your messaging efforts there. If remote onboarding is in your future, research to find out a way to digitize your forms to PDF’s. There are quite a few free solutions available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC that will allow any new hires to complete and fill out a PDF directly on their device.

Steven M. Brown, MSP, DP Electric Inc.


Create Referral Incentive For Existing Employees

Nonprofits are driven by the passion of purpose. Often, existing employees can share their passions with their friends and families. Channel the collective networks of existing employees and offer a creative referral incentive to referred new hires.

Keith C Piscitello, Simply Sophisticated Wealth Planning, LLC


Take Advantage of the Talent That Is Currently Available

More qualified and capable talent will be forced to the sideline with layoffs in the next six months than ever in history. Build a pipeline of timely processes and communications to all recruits and be transparent with budgets, benefits, the financial health of the organization and your mission. e aggressive in competing for the talent that is out there.

Chris J Snook, Launch Haus


Market Your Organization on LinkedIn

I recommend using LinkedIn to market the business as a great place to work. I also recommend that companies hiring now use LinkedIn to network with talented individuals.

Jessica Schocker, Recruitment Consultant


Be Flexible

When in the hiring process, be flexible. Offer candidates the option to interview virtually and be understanding if their availability doesn’t line up with yours. Remember that everyone is learning to juggle work and home at the same time. If a qualified candidate needs extra support during the hiring process, do not take that as a negative reflection of their work ethic.

Brett Farmiloe, Nonprofit SEO Company


Hone in on Employee Adaptability

The current work-from-home situation has inevitably revealed the value of employees with excellent work ethics and sufficient self-motivation. Nonprofits looking to hire talented employees should market the security and quality of life associated with the business and the appreciation they have for candidates who show tenacity and grit in the face of challenges.

Catherine Howard, Digital Marketing Specialist


Focus on People’s Intrinsic Good

Social Good is at an all-time premium. Capitalize on people’s intrinsic good by broadcasting your ability to offer those talented people a paycheck, a place to work and a mission to actually help the people they’ll serve through you.

Noah Wisnia, Head of Talent


Increase Your Applicant Considerations

With so many people having lost their jobs, the talent pool is bigger than ever before. Consider applicant sources you never have before. Many nonprofits work with people. There may be people who worked in the foodservice or retail industries with great customer service skills, but if your job requirements are limited to prior nonprofit experience, you will overlook these talented resources. If you think more creatively and cast a big net, your nonprofit will find its new employees.

Colleen J. McManus, Senior HR Consultant


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