About The Recruiterie

I’m Jon Schneider, founder of The Recruiterie. For nearly two decades I have focused my career on one purpose: helping people find the right talent to build and grow their businesses. Early in my career, I worked for a large, nationally-focused IT search firm and as part of that process saw a need to help businesses recruit more quickly and smartly. The internet was only starting to blossom, but I saw its potential to help employers and job seekers connect. As one of the founding members of Jobing.com (www.jobing.com), a geographically-focused recruitment job board, my focus was on business development, strategy, project management, recruiting, and everything and anything in between. We were fortunate to grow that business to serve 28 states and employed nearly 500 employees.

My time at Jobing.com provided me the ability to work directly with thousands of business owners, recruiters and other HR professionals nationwide. The resounding theme in all of my interactions was the sheer importance of hiring the RIGHT individuals to help them to continue to grow their businesses.

With the rapid evolution in technology and how people connect, I was able to take many of the insights I learned over the course of my career and implement highly effective strategic processes that speed up hiring for my clients and deliver top-caliber, culturally and vision-aligned talent to meet their needs. Here’s a bit more about how we think at The Recruiterie, and some insight into our Culture-Specific Recruitment Process:

Jon Schneider

Recruiting Partner / Founder

Recruiting Philosophy

At The Recruiterie, we believe effective recruiting is strategic, but we also believe that each and every recruitment process is as unique as the company and the position for which we are recruiting. To that end, we invest time in both the companies and candidates we build relationships with and work for.

Our process is not transactional, we consider it to be consultative in nature. That means we build a true partnership – investing time in getting to know you, your management team, the essence of the company and not just the skills you need a potential employee to bring to the table, but how that employee is expected to fit, behave, and what their aspirations should look like. Similarly, we believe there is so much more to a candidate than a well-written resume. Coupled together, the partnership allows us to put every candidate to YOUR test. Our personal, face-to-face interactions with these individuals enable us to paint a meaningful and accurate view of the candidate and why we are recommending them to you well before you have reviewed a resume or spoken with them – saving you time and ensuring you are meeting only the best-of-the-best.

360° Recruiting

  • Learn

    We take the time to understand your needs, culture, purpose, goals to facilitate candidate alignment

  • Connect

    We develop deep relationships with stakeholders to understand the connection points to ensure strong working relationships at all levels well into the future

  • Analyze

    Our proven 360° screening process goes beyond functional evaluation and digs deeper for assessment of personality, purpose and cultural alignment

  • Deliver

    Our exhaustive search will deliver to you only those candidates who meet your functional needs, but will be purpose-aligned, growth-minded and ensure a strong connection with the hiring manager and team

  • Decide

    We support you fully throughout the recruiting process, communicating feedback to candidates, assisting with contract negotiations, and ensuring your new hire is ready for his/her first day