Custom Recruitment Case Study: Sales Leadership and Account Management Team

February 3, 2020
February 3, 2020 Recruiterie

Custom Recruitment Case Study


Our client in Phoenix is a nationally-recognized leader in the Design-Build industry, who focuses on reinventing the banking and financial environments we visit every day. They have chosen an incredibly specific niche in the construction and design industry, and the results have been phenomenal!

The truth is, banks have created a variety of technology tools for their customers to handle the majority of transactions from their smartphones. This has pushed banking customers away from visiting branches, where banks have the ability to offer additional products and services.
Our client re-invents the banking environment to transform sometimes boring and mundane environments into cutting-edge, exciting spaces, which are an experience all their own.


With the SVP of Sales traveling more and more, our client approached the Recruiterie to take on a unique hiring project, focused on building their Sales department. We spent time getting to know them as individuals, as a team, and as a business.
First, we needed to identify the right leader, to be there to mentor the Sales team day in and day out. Someone, who would be the eyes and ears of the SVP of Sales while he was out closing additional projects.

The Recruiterie believes that a candidate’s professional background is just one piece of the intricate puzzle when selecting a new Sales leader. Personality, their Sales philosophy, and the ability to believe in the product and people who support it can be just as important.
We identified candidates in the local Arizona market and had to pick an attribute that would resonate with the senior leadership. The SVP of Sales comes from the mid-west, and so when we began interviewing candidates, we thought a midwestern work ethic and sense of humor would work well with the existing team and company culture.


After several interviews, our client selected their top pick, a candidate who clearly came with the appropriate Sales pedigree, and he happened to be from the midwest. There was an initial bond and trust – the relationship blossomed from there.

Once we had our Sales Director in place, building the Sales team (consisting of Business Development Representatives and Account Managers) was underway. We wanted the new Sales Director to be involved in the interview process, allowing him to have buy-in on those who joined this newly-developed Sales team.
We interviewed many individuals and selected those who had the right personality, Sales experience and had mid-western roots or interests.


After the Sales Director and team of 5 were in place for six months or so, the Head of Talent Acquisition called us to give some feedback. She said in her 7 years with the organization, they have never had a Sales team with such a strong bond and camaraderie. She asked what we did differently? The answer was simple. We searched for qualified individuals with a common interest, whether they grew up in the mid-west, had family back in the area, or rooted for one of the local sports teams. There was an immediate common bond amongst the team, and they immediately had each other’s back as a result. When one Sales member was excelling, they were sharing best practices with those who needed help – they were a team, and they were going to succeed – together! As a result, many of those on the Sales team were promoted within the organization, and our client came back to us the following year, and we did it all over again.

When considering a recruiting resource, look to those who will be able to represent and speak to your company as well as you can. By taking the time to fully understand our client’s culture, we were able to deliver lasting Sales professionals which will continue to grow their incredible business for years to come.

There’s a better way to recruit. Let us show you how. If you are looking for an experienced Sales or Marketing Recruiter or have unique, project-based hiring needs, contact Recruiterie or call us at 602-326-6820.


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