Executive Search Process Timeline & Steps Explained

February 23, 2021
February 23, 2021 Recruiterie

Successful businesses need excellent executives who can make innovative managerial decisions that move the company forward. Nevertheless, mastering the executive search process and finding the right candidate for the job is no easy feat. Hiring managers and in-house recruiters must carefully consider business goals when onboarding new executives and take their time when making those hiring decisions.

When tasked with hiring new executives, HR professionals should fully understand what this job entails. This search process could take up to 30-40 days and may end up costing the company thousands of dollars.

Streamlining the executive search process is possible, but rushing to hire an unqualified candidate must be avoided at all costs. Review these tips to understand the hiring timeline and the steps you will need to take before embarking upon a search.

Executive Search Process: Steps and Timeline

Understanding the Client

Hiring managers tasked with onboarding a new executive must comprehensively understand a client if it hopes to identify the right candidate for the job. Thus, the executive search begins by considering the main goals of a client’s business. This includes identifying the primary needs of this business, assessing its company culture and existing employees all the while.

Another factor that executive search firms consider is financial limitations, such as the cost of a new hire. The average executive cost-per-hire has been found by SHRM to hit $14,936.

Finally, determine the core functions of the specific executive role that needs to be filled for this client to ensure you know what to look for in the ideal candidate.

This is no easy task, which is why mission-driven companies like Recruiterie take extensive care during this stage of the process to assess client needs before investing too much into any given candidate. Thanks to nearly two decades of industry experience, Recruiterie understands that clients cannot be assisted until they are comprehensively understood. As a result, recruiting experts should focus on forging deep connections with a client company’s major stakeholders.

Only after the unique needs of the client are taken into consideration can the next step of the process be successfully taken.

Craft a Personalized Search

A personalized executive search can only be conducted after the particular needs of a client are totally understood by the executive search firm.

Hiring managers must carefully consider the organizational responsibilities that a potential executive must competently manage for the client. By doing this, they are better equipped to locate ideal candidates in a personalized search solution.

To avoid haphazard hiring, the executive search process is tailored to filter out lackluster candidates who don’t have the capacity to meet the needs of a client. Recruiters consider the industry regulations and market practices that a candidate must be up to date on before beginning their search. Companies like Recruiterie only begin a search once a personalized search solution that combines the needs of a client with their business goals has been created.

Begin the Search

Consider a client who may be seeking an executive to expand their services. Recruiting experts tasked with identifying ideal candidates begin by searching to find executives with a demonstrable history of successfully growing a company. The search team will thoroughly vet a candidate’s references to guarantee the authenticity of past accomplishments. Some executive recruiters may use automated pre-screening services to help in locating interesting candidates with preferred backgrounds, but the human element should never be abandoned in the executive search process.

Experts at Recruiterie understand that relying on sources that yield a high percentage of quality candidates is an essential part of mastering the executive search process. Many searches succumb to the critical error of relying on shoddy sources of talent. Relying on company websites, job fairs, trade publications, and social media networks can locate prospective candidates who can then be interviewed.

Interviewing Prospective Candidates

Whether conducting an interview in-person or over the phone, focus on the importance of a personality assessment is necessary in the executive search process. Recruiterie understands the importance of finding a candidate who will be culturally-aligned with a client’s existing workforce. By clearly communicating client feedback to prospective hires, Recruiterie ensures contract negotiations are streamlined and cost-effective. It also guarantees that the new executive is ready to hit the ground running on their first day.

A new hire can finally be selected only after a cultivated list of professionals has been assembled and vetted.

Choose Your New Hire

The executive search process culminates with a presentation of a list of ideal candidates to the client before a final selection is made.

Excellent search firms like Recruiterie don’t stop there. Clients can continue to be assisted even after a final selection has been made. Recruiterie’s team guides clients through contract negotiations and informational briefs to guarantee the new executive is up to speed on the client’s organizational culture. These extra steps ensure long-term client success and happiness.

Expand Your Business With High-Quality Talent

Finding high-quality talent requires a partner with industry experience and an unparalleled record of success. Recruiterie establishes strong relationships with clients before the search process even begins to ensure the right candidate is identified. By assessing the personality and professional record of candidates, Recruiterie identifies top-of-the-line executives with impressive industry experience. By conducting an exhaustive search process that guarantees clients will only have to consider the best of the best, Recruiterie ensures the best possible executive hiring results.

Learn more about Recruiterie’s unique approach to the executive search process to ensure the recruitment of high-caliber talent. Contact Recruiterie today to fill your mission critical positions.


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