Employee engagement is an increasing focus amongst human resources professionals. In fact, 66% of HR professionals shared that they felt employee engagement had risen in the past year. Meanwhile, only 34% of non-HR employees felt they were indeed more engaged. The right Human Resource Executive Search Firm can greatly impact your employee engagement.

How does employee engagement impact your company? When an employee is engaged at work, they’re more likely also to be highly motivated and productive.

To ensure employee motivation and engagement, you need the right HR staff. Overall, searching for HR talent that aligns with your company’s culture can seem daunting. To help with the search, companies often turn to human resource executive search firms.

To make your search easier, we’ve put together this list of the top human resource executive search firms across the nation.

Top Human Resource Executive Search Firms Nationwide


For two decades, Recruiterie has helped numerous companies and businesses find culturally aligned talent for the right roles.

The Recruiterie partners with you and your leadership team to define the mission and purpose of your organization. Then, Recruiterie performs an intensive search to find the best candidates.

With a personalized, hands-on approach with every client, Recruiterie offers a variety of services. For example, clients can take advantage of Recruiterie’s non-profit search or utilize a customized confidential search strategy.

By and large, with this proven search process, Recruiterie is one of the top human resource executive search firms in the nation.

Website: recruiterie.com

Phone: (602) 326-6820

Spencer Stuart

The team at Spencer Stuart understands that you need a high-achieving HR leader to attract the best professionals. By partnering with Spencer Stuart, you can identify the outstanding executives who can best support your employee’s changing needs.

Overall, the human resource executive search firm ensures every candidate you receive embodies your company culture. With culturally aligned talent, you can support your company’s success.

Website: spencerstuart.com

Phone: (312) 822-0080

CSI Executive Search

CSI Executive Search is experienced at finding the right candidate that fit any company’s needs.

As more companies expand to a global client base, the role of human resources also grows. For example, HR is as involved in company strategies as well as executing business initiatives.

CSI Executive Search places various human resource executive positions, like Director of Benefits to VP of Human Resources. With each candidate CSI Executive Search locates, clients are guaranteed a Day One Value.

Essentially, the human resource executive search firm’s Day One Value is a set of values that ensures candidates are ready to provide results on their first day.

Website: csi-executivesearch.com

Phone: (877) 329-1825

Donna Davis Associates

Donna Davis Associates is a boutique executive search firm based in New York City. Founded in 1992, Donna Davis Associates has placed many top quality human resource executives at multiple companies.

For 27 years, the team at Donna Davis Associates has partnered with companies like Walgreens and Samsung to provide human resource recruiting solutions.

Website: donnadavis.com

Phone: (201) 592-6000

Hanold Associates

Hanold Associates is a retained executive search firm that recruits human resources leaders. With a reputation for insightful and nuanced cultural advisory work, Hanold Associates has a unique approach for valuing cultural fit.

During candidate searches, clients are given timely and authentic perspectives. Additionally, Hanold Associates takes a hands-on approach for faster relationship building.

Website: hanold-associates.com

Phone: (847) 332-1333

Determine Top HR Talent to Support Company Success

On the whole, to find the best human resource staff, you need to determine your company’s needs. Once you have, you can decide which of the top human resource executive search firms to partner with to best improve your company’s success.

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