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November 9, 2021
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November 9, 2021 Recruiterie

Working at a nonprofit organization is a rewarding way to make a living while contributing to the greater good. Nevertheless, job descriptions in the nonprofit sector can be difficult to understand, leading many qualified professionals to ignore roles where they would excel.

Ready to start improving the world? This nonprofit development manager job description explores the daily responsibilities of a professional in this position. In this article, we will examine the following:

A Comprehensive Guide To Hiring A Nonprofit Development Manager

Nonprofit Development Manager Job Description

The daily life of a nonprofit development manager involves organizational planning, fundraising, and managing subordinates. Nonprofit development managers focus on creating development plans that raise public awareness about key issues, facilitate donor fundraising, and generally raise revenue to pursue the organization’s strategic goals.

A nonprofit development manager takes steps to ensure the organization is hitting its fundraising milestones, adhering to its budget, and identifying future fundraising opportunities that are critical for continued growth.

Nonprofit Development Manager Job Summary

Writing a detailed paragraph that outlines your organization’s objectives and values before describing what you’re looking for in a nonprofit development manager is essential for finding the right candidate.

Candidates should know what to expect when they join your organization, and what their key responsibilities will be. Without a proper summary, qualified candidates will seek opportunities elsewhere and leave you in dire need of human capital.

When creating a job summary for nonprofit development managers, stress the fundraising and budgetary responsibilities. These will take up most of their time and attention.

Nonprofit Development Manager Resume Assessment

Now that you have a job summary posted and are receiving applications, what should you be looking for in the resume of a development manager candidate? While not necessarily required, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is the norm for nonprofit development managers and is strongly encouraged as a requirement.

Individuals with degrees in business, finance, marketing, or nonprofit leadership are often ideal candidates. Alternatively, public relations and negotiations credentials are also accepted by most nonprofit organizations.

In addition to these educational requirements and strong overall communication skills, ideal candidates will have a demonstrated history within the industry. They should be able to identify previous development plans they produced and highlight their resulting success. Any relevant experience they have managing a team of subordinates is also helpful.

The ability to successfully interface with donors is perhaps their most important responsibility. When providing a nonprofit development manager job description and seeking candidates, always pay attention to their record of fundraising success.

Nonprofit Development Manager Interview Process

Compelling interview questions are required to separate the wheat from the chaff. Consider the following areas when coming up with interview questions for this role:

  1. Describe a time when you successfully onboarded a major new donor.
  2. Describe a situation where you assisted a subordinate in their professional growth.
  3. What process do you employ to ensure organizations adhere to budgets?
  4. What donor recognition activities do you find to be the most cost-effective?
  5. How do you diversify agency fundraising streams to ensure financial flexibility?

While these questions represent only a limited sample, they cover the key areas of the job that many nonprofit development job description posts won’t always mention for brevity’s sake.

After confidently preparing for the forthcoming interview, assess how much your organization is prepared to pay a nonprofit development manager.

Nonprofit Development Manager Salary

While salaries are often commensurate with experience, the Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrates that the average public relations and fundraising manager makes approximately $118,000 per year. Ponying up higher salaries can help your organization attract more candidates during a tight labor market where employees have many options.

Depending upon the nonprofit’s area of focus, the geographic region where it’s based, and current economic conditions, this typical salary may change over time. Candidates with limited fundraising experience may struggle to secure high-paying management positions, particularly at large nonprofits.

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