Nonprofit Recruiting Case Study: Senior Developer

April 1, 2018
April 1, 2018 Recruiterie

Nonprofit Recruiting Case Study


Our client is a national organization which partners with nonprofits across the country, helping them grow, providing much-needed infrastructure, funding, resources, and support.  They recently partnered with our client in Phoenix, Arizona whose primary focus is to help children who are visually impaired. The technology team was in need of a Senior-Level Developer to help support the technology infrastructure as they continue their rapid growth.


Thoroughly understanding their needs from a technology and strategic perspective, we agreed their salary budget was on the lower end of the market.  (Something we understand when working with nonprofits).

Our goal was to determine the skills and expertise which were critically important and those which could be acquired over time.  The Recruiterie delivered three candidates to the hiring manager, all with strategic, entrepreneurial perspectives, but with varying degrees of technical knowledge and experience.  One candidate was far below budget, another in the middle of their range, and the third was at the higher end.


We presented all three candidates, having pre-negotiated their salary expectations.  From there, we consulted with our client, to discuss with them what each individual was looking for today and into the future.  We weighed the cost associated with the skill set each possessed. All three individuals were interviewed by their CEO and VP of Technology.  Technical and personality assessments were completed, and all the results were carefully analyzed.


After three rounds of interviews, the end result was that the lowest-priced candidate was actually the best long-term fit.  Understanding the full list of expectations of the role, and the learning curve which would be ahead, the candidate’s compensation requirements were far less than the original budget set by the client.  This resulted in a 34% annual savings in payroll for our nonprofit client. The candidate will be able to get up to speed with the new skills in the first 90 days of employment and has a strong career path ahead.

There’s a better way for you to recruit. Let us show you how. If you have a nonprofit recruiting need and would like to fill a mission critical role, contact Recruiterie or call us at 602-326-6820. 


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