3 Key Benefits of Choosing a Retained Search Firm

April 8, 2020
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April 8, 2020 Recruiterie

As an employer, you are more than familiar with the process that goes into hiring a new employee.

After all, one important step every successful company must take involves creating transition plans to prepare for potential employee departures.

When looking for the most efficient way to find qualified talent, you’ve likely considered partnering with a search firm.

One of the two major types of search firms to consider is the retained search firm.

Using the example of Recruiterie, we discuss the various benefits a client can receive when partnering with a retained search firm.

Choosing a Retained Search Firm: 3 Key Benefits to Consider

1. Candidates are comprehensively assessed for qualifications.

Generally speaking, a retained search firm has a narrowed focus regarding what positions and clients it searches for.

Let’s say you want to take a long-term approach to your hiring processes, such as when building out a new department. The best approach to this project is through a retained firm, thanks to its specialized focus.

Instead of using a search firm that can only devote so much time and focus on you, as they have multiple other roles and clients, a retained firm takes a more hands-on approach.

Part of this hands-on approach includes how comprehensively a candidate is assessed. At Recruiterie, its team uses an exhaustive search process to fully verify a candidate is a true fit for a given role.

First, Recruiterie looks at the functional qualifications of a candidate. For example, how well do they fit the basic requirements of the job description?

Once a candidate’s functional qualifications are assessed, the team at Recruiterie takes the process further by assessing soft skills. These qualifications include a candidate’s cultural fit for your company as well as their personality.

In the end, clients benefit from this exhaustive search because the candidates they receive are not only able to meet needs but also fit in well with existing employees.

2. The recruiter has a deeper understanding of your company’s culture and how a candidate must fit into it.

The hands-on approach used by retained search firms like Recruiterie also allows its team to gain a complete understanding of a client’s business.

As we discussed, a general recruiting firm has a certain amount of time it can devote to each client. Thus, it is often that a candidate is only assessed using the functionality requirements of the role.

While you can find a qualified candidate this way, a more efficient search method is to assess the candidate as a whole. In other words, this assessment includes functionality as well as cultural fit and personality.

When hiring an executive leader, you would want to find a candidate who can relate to your employees.

A leader can’t truly connect with employees if they don’t align with the company culture.

Not only will a leader not fully connect with employees, but their actions as a leader may not fully align with your company’s goals.

3. Client and candidate communications are made a top priority.

An important aspect of a streamlined search process is time management. Both employers and job seekers place a great deal of value on their time. Thus, communication has moved from traditional email to faster methods such as texting.

Generally, maintaining communication with your candidates is crucial. By prioritizing efficient communications with candidates, some employers find that they receive faster candidate responses.

The team at Recruiterie has 20 years of first-hand experience with the impact that communication has on the search process.

Its team uses that experience to drive its dedication to transparent communications with clients and candidates, which boosts the success of the search.

Are you looking for the right retained search firm to form a partnership?

Contact the team at Recruiterie and receive a search solution that is crafted for your unique needs.


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