Phoenix, Arizona is home to some of the best nonprofit organizations in the country. Every day, they find shelters for animals, provide food for the hungry, and teach kids positive life values.  Beyond having significant help from volunteers and donors, they are small and large organizations that run similarly to any other company.  Nonprofits need to hire executives and staff to help run the business end of the organization.

Here are 12 of the top nonprofits in Phoenix:

1. Virtuous Software

Traditionally, when you think of a nonprofit organization, you might think of a company that spends their resource to help the public. Virtuous Software is a bit different in that its goal is to help other nonprofits. They create CRM and marketing tools that other nonprofits can use to grow their organization and thus better help the public.

2. Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

This is another nonprofit organization that strives to help other organizations grow. They work as partners with other nonprofits to identify problems preventing growth and then find ways to overcome those problems. Many of the best nonprofits in Phoenix and surrounding areas got where they are at because of assistance from this organization.

3. The 100 Club

The 100 Club is a nonprofit whose mission is to support the people who spend their life wearing a badge. In particular, this applies to police offers, public safety workers, paramedics, firefighters, active duty military, and all of their families. They provide financial assistance, scholarships, and peer support to those in need.

4. Arizona Animal Welfare League(AAWL)

The AAWL is a nonprofit staffed with hard workers who love animals. They spend their time rescuing and rehabilitating cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies all throughout the state of Arizona. They also spend an ample amount of time finding new homes for those animals. Their goal is to help the animal population and reduce the number of animals forced to live in shelters.

5. Arizona Humane Society

Cute dog at the nonprofit AZ Humane SocietyNo mention of nonprofits for animals would be complete without mentioning the Arizona Humane Society. This organization has spent more than six decades rescuing animals and finding them new homes. They believe that every animal deserves to have a good life free of suffering, homelessness, or the risk of euthanasia. The Humane Society has connected homeowners from around the country with loving animals found in Phoenix.

6. AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps helps people make a difference for other people. Workers volunteer with the organization for a year. They spend much of the time helping other nonprofit organization and charities throughout the state. Their ultimate goal is to have an impact here at home and improve their local community. Most of the people who volunteer in Phoenix are locals, but they are known to have some applicants from other states.

7. Arizona Women’s Education and Employment, Inc (AWEE)

The AWEE relies heavily on donations from the community to help women create better lives for themselves. The nonprofit also utilizes a long list of connections and partnerships with local employers. The AWEE has managed to help more than 200,000 women find employment since opening their doors in 1981.


EMPACt-SPC strives to solve community problems that may be plaguing residents of Phoenix and surrounding areas. Some of the common issues that they tackle include housing, children services, employment, cultural education, and crisis intervention. They are well known in the area for providing intensive outpatient rehabilitation services for those recovering from a substance abuse problem.

9. First Tee Of Phoenix

Sometimes, the goal of a nonprofit is to help people have fun. It’s incredible how recreation can change the lives of kids, teenagers, and adults. The First Tee of Phoenix provides families with an opportunity to enjoy the game of golf even if their finances wouldn’t normally allow it. At the same time, they provide educational programs that promote healthy lifestyle choices.

10. Circle The City

This nonprofit is all about providing healthcare for homeless men, women, and children in Phoenix and surrounding areas. The organization was originally founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and has since grown to be one of the most important nonprofit organizations in Phoenix.

11. St. Mary’s Food Bank

A food bank is a traditional example of a nonprofit organization that is simple, yet extremely important. The food bank works with private grants, corporate donors, and individual donors to supply food to hungry families in Phoenix as well as a total of 15 counties in Arizona.

12. Boys And Girls Club Of Metro Phoenix

The Boys And Girls Club is a nonprofit organization that exists in many states across the country. In Phoenix, more than 27,000 children participate in the programs they provide. Programs that are designed to help kids in grades K-12 learn positive values. There’s no denying that they have had a significant impact on many kids who are now adults today. Adults who remember and still believe in those same values.

These 12 nonprofits have impacted the lives of millions of Arizona residents. And they are only a portion of the many different organizations in the area.

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