5 Innovative Sourcing Strategies in Recruitment for 2021

July 7, 2021 Recruiterie

Sourcing candidates for a position can be a time-consuming task. Collecting a qualified pool of candidates often requires a long screening and interview process that can be simplified using other sourcing strategies in the recruitment process. Whether you choose to invest in an executive recruiting firm or take to LinkedIn to find potential candidates, it can be useful to know a few innovative sourcing strategies in recruitment.

5 Innovative Sourcing Strategies in Recruitment

Navigating the recruiting process is not always an easy feat. However, there are notable recruiting strategies that can grow your talent pool and aid hiring managers in filling positions with the right candidates. Read on to learn more about how to use a few effective sourcing strategies in the recruitment process.

Executive Recruiting Firm

When it comes to finding the ideal candidates for your company, an executive recruiting firm is the top sourcing strategy recommendation. These firms, like Recruiterie, have the knowledge and skills to curate a well-vetted talent pool so you can find qualified candidates. Recruiterie takes a unique approach to each and every client, taking the time to understand your needs to find the best fit for your company. With a search firm, you can trust you’ll receive the highest quality candidates without the additional stress and time of searching on your own.

Re-Engage Previous Candidates

If you’ve ever hired for a similar position, you may already have a well-established candidate pool. It’s likely you already had a few quality candidates selected that you now have the opportunity to re-engage with. Using this sourcing strategy in the recruitment process reduces the vetting process for hiring managers since these candidates have already been deemed qualified to work for your company previously. It further enhances your company brand by showing potential candidates that you haven’t forgotten about them and are still invested in their career journey.

Consider Employee Referrals

Your employees are an excellent source for finding qualified candidates. Each one is a part of a unique professional network that may have the exact talent your company needs. Organizing an employee referral program that offers extra benefits to employees who refer a candidate that is hired is an ideal sourcing strategy in recruitment that will expand your talent pool.

Perfect Your Social Media Outreach

Professional social media platforms like LinkedIn have grown tremendously in popularity among candidates. With the option to include supplementary skills and knowledge in addition to work experience, hiring managers can quickly find and source candidates that may be ideal for the current open position. Creating a personalized outreach message on LinkedIn or other job board sites can increase the likelihood of a candidate responding to an invite to view the position and apply.

Focus on Your Brand

Employer branding is key to drawing in the right potential candidates for your company. Creating a welcoming and professional environment in your branding can lead to an expansion of your talent pool through a higher percentage of applications. Qualified professionals are more likely to seek out a job opportunity in a workplace that demonstrates values that align with their own. By improving your employer branding through an optimized website and social media platforms, your company may be able to increase candidate engagement and recruit candidates that fit your company culture.

Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Find the perfect candidate while reducing the stress on your hiring manager with an executive recruiting firm.

At Recruiterie, we take the time to learn about your company culture and needs so we can find the ideal candidate to fill your open position. With over two decades of experience in the recruiting industry, our professional team has the skills to connect your company with potential candidates deemed as top-ranking applicants. We work with you every step of the way so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best candidates.

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