Creating a New Position in a Company: Steps, Tips & Mistakes

December 1, 2021
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December 1, 2021 Recruiterie

Some commercial goals are impossible to achieve without developing a new internal role to steer your organization towards its objectives. Nevertheless, creating a new position within a company can be a disruptive and difficult process to master.

While many professionals are willing to entertain a new role within their department, they’re unsure how to manifest it into being. Here are the steps and tips to be aware of when creating a new position within a company, and which mistakes to avoid along the way.

Pitching The Role

Until managers, senior executives, and the business owner(s) themselves are on board, your ambitions to create and fill a new role will never be realized. Begin by explaining the crucial need for this position in the company going forward and the dire costs of not filling it quickly.

Create a list of current deficiencies which are being exacerbated by the lack of a dedicated professional in the role you want to create. This will help you convince higher-ups that a failure to design and implement this new position will cost the company serious money in the future.

Next, devise an argument that explains how this new role will relieve current team members who are overstressed, overworked, and not as productive as they could be. Once this justification has been established, you can move on to the nitty-gritty work of defining the scope of the role, producing a job description, and searching for ideal candidates.

Defining The Role

Pitching the role to your senior managers is a great first step, but no real progress will be made until you’ve truly defined the role. Refer back to the list of deficiencies you created during the first step — how do you intend to define this new role in such a way as to address those deficiencies?

When creating a new position within a company, you need to outline the responsibilities of the job without encroaching on anyone’s turf. This could prevent the new role from materializing if existing workers feel threatened. Instead, focus on defining the new role so that it’s complementary to the current workforce. Convincing current workers that this new role is auxiliary in nature is an essential part of getting every team member’s buy-in.

When writing an effective job description, begin by determining the appropriate title for this position. Be careful that you don’t inadvertently give a senior title to a relatively junior role, as this could deter some higher-ups from accepting this new role in the first place. Pay close attention to how your job title will perform in digital searches, as this could impact how quickly or successfully you find ideal candidates online.

Explain the daily duties of the role and what’s expected of the professional who fills it. Determine which educational or professional credentials — if any — the role will require. Finally, generate a small list of desired skills for the role in question and determine the appropriate salary based on your budget and industry standards.

Filling The Role With Recruiterie

Now that the role is defined, you need to fill it with the best candidate for the job. Finding the right fit for this important position is going to be tough, time-consuming, and potentially expensive if you conduct an exhaustive search by yourself. With the help of the experts at Recruiterie, however, you can fill vacant positions in record time without breaking the bank.

Recruiterie’s team of experts conducts a targeted search that presents you with a list of the most qualified and competent candidates around. Recruiterie makes creating a new position within a company a painless process by learning about your specific needs well ahead of time. With years of valuable industry experience, the Recruiterie team can steer you away from the common hiring mishaps that cost many companies dearly.

By focusing on your company culture and finding an ideal candidate who can meld well with your existing workforce, Recruiterie provides results better than any other talent-hunting executive search firm.

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Rather than simply filling a role with whichever candidate walks through the door, the Recruiterie team’s exhaustive search ensures that only top-tier talent is considered during the hiring process.

Customized search strategies also ensure that your search for the most qualified workers remains anonymous until the position is finally filled. That way, competitors and industry watchdogs are never tipped off about your commercial plans.

Whether you’re a competitive corporation, ambitious non-profit, or aspiring startup, Recruiterie’s team can help you fill in the new position that you’ve recently devised for your company.

Ready to start growing your workforce? Contact the Recruiterie team today to ensure the new position you’ve painstakingly crafted at your company will be filled by the best professional for the job.


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