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December 1, 2020
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December 1, 2020 Recruiterie

According to the National Council of Nonprofits, there are approximately 1.3 billion charitable nonprofits in the United States. Not only do these organizations make a positive impact on their communities, but they also stimulate economic activity and job growth.

For any nonprofit to provide these benefits to its community, it must first have the right leadership. Nevertheless, performing a search for nonprofit executive talent can be time-consuming. As a result, many nonprofit organizations turn to partnerships with some of the best nonprofit executive search firms in the nation.

There are many benefits to gain from partnering with an executive search firm that understands the nonprofit sector. Primarily, your partner will understand that a nonprofit search has key differences from a for-profit search. These differences include your organization’s recruiting budget and what the ideal nonprofit candidate’s philosophy should be.

In the end, partnering with a nonprofit executive search firm is the best way to find the high-quality talent you need when you need it. To help you find the right partner for you, we’ve compiled this directory of executive search firms from across the nation.

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Directory of Nonprofit Executive Search Firms by Location

National Nonprofit Executive Search Firms

This first section of our directory highlights several top-performing executive search firms that have national reach. By partnering with one of these firms, you’ll gain access to a national candidate network to find the perfect leader.


Recruiterie, located in Chandler, Arizona, is a national search firm specializing in nonprofit recruiting by providing customized support for nonprofit organizations. The Recruiterie team understands the importance of leadership connecting to the mission of the nonprofit and uses that knowledge to determine professional and cultural fit.

Phone: (602) 326-6820


Scion Executive Search

Scion Executive Search is a national search firm that focuses on recruiting for foundations, educational institutions and other nonprofit organizations.

Phone: (888) 487-8850


Isaacson, Miller

The Isaacson, Miller team is committed to supporting the success of their clients by recruiting top talent for nonprofit organizations.

Phone: (617) 262-6500


Atlanta, Georgia

With Atlanta’s nonprofit sector steadily growing, the city makes for a great spot to find culturally aligned talent. Consider partnering with these Atlanta nonprofit search firms to aid in your search.

BoardWalk Consulting

BoardWalk Consulting understands the impact of a great leader, so its recruiting team works to find fitting leaders for organizations throughout Georgia.

Phone: (404) 262-7392


Georgia Center for Nonprofits

The search consultants at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits use personal experience in the industry to narrow down your executive search.

Phone: (678) 916-3000


Dallas, Texas

The nonprofit sector in Dallas, Texas, continues to expand as more organizations appear each year. If you’re looking to expand your nonprofit organization, examine the services offered by these Dallas nonprofit search firms.

PNP Staffing Group

Founded in 1996, Professionals for Nonprofits has provided top talent to numerous nonprofit organizations throughout the Dallas-Fortworth area.

Phone: (212) 546-9091


Thomas R. Moore Executive Search

As a nonprofit recruitment development specialist, Thomas R. Moore works with nonprofits to find the best-suited candidates for any position.

Phone: (817) 548-8766


Denver, Colorado

Denver is burgeoning with qualified talent, making it an ideal place to find your next hire. Consider partnering with these Denver nonprofit executive search firms to streamline your search.

EFL Associates

As a retained executive search firm, EFL Associates works with clients to locate fitting talent for their lead organizational roles.

Phone: (720) 200-1765


Lucas Group

The Lucas Group uses a personal approach to help clients build their dream team with culturally aligned nonprofit talent.

Phone: (800) 466-4489


Houston, Texas

The city of Houston is home to hundreds of nonprofit organizations that help stimulate the city’s economy. Take a look at these Houston nonprofit executive search firms to build your organization.

Murray Resources

Murray Resources has experience placing qualified candidates in a variety of leadership roles, ranging from C-level Executives to Director-level leaders.

Phone: (713) 935-0009


Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart draws on in-depth industry knowledge and a client’s needs to create unique executive search solutions.

Phone: (713) 225-1621


Phoenix, Arizona

As a hotspot for employment growth, Phoenix’s nonprofit sector remains a promising place to find top talent. Consider the services of these Phoenix nonprofit executive search firms to get started.


TowerHunter’s nonprofit search team has experience filling critical leadership positions such as Director roles and various C-level positions.

Phone: (602) 652-8619


Blue Signal

Blue Signal specializes in executive placement for industry leaders throughout the Phoenix nonprofit sector.

Phone: (866) 335-1903


San Diego, California

Along with its peaceful climate, San Diego is also known for its expanding nonprofit industry. If you’re looking for nonprofit talent in America’s Finest City, examine these San Diego nonprofit executive search firms.

Brown Thompson Executive Search

The team at Brown Thompson is dedicated to providing exceptional service through a collaborative executive search approach.

Phone: (858) 452-1200


Resource Management & Acquisitions

RMA is an executive search firm specializing in recruiting solutions for San Diego organizations, startups, nonprofits and more.

Phone: (888) 646-2607


Seattle, Washington

When expanding your nonprofit organization in Seattle, you need the right search to find suitable talent. Assess these Seattle nonprofit executive search firms to find the partner you need.

Hagel Executive Search

Hagel Executive Search promises a transparent search with long-lasting placements that align with your stakeholder’s needs.

Phone: (253) 693-2780


Campbell & Company

Campbell & Company’s team works closely with you to aid you in recruiting passionate nonprofit leaders.

Phone: (877) 957-0000




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